Technical Specification

So how does it work?

Doulton® water filter systems offer a highly efficient way to remove chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride that are added during water treatment stages. Any heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria and cysts that may have penetrated the water are also removed.

In fact, it’s proven that 99.99%+ of these contaminants are eliminated for good, leaving you with natural, healthy water free from nasties, bursting with taste and packed full of minerals.

What’s the process?

In the natural world, water passes through layers of rock, which acts as a natural filtering process. Doulton® water filters replicate this process through multi-stage filter technology, combined into a single ceramic water filter.

Why ceramic?

Every filter candle has a ceramic outer shell for high efficiency micro-filtration of bacteria, cysts and unwanted particles through a complex pore structure. The outer shell of the filter cartridge is an extremely versatile ceramic.

Your water supply will flow through the tiny pores in the Doulton® water filter ceramic candle. The pores are less than one micron in size (the width of a human hair is approximately 100 microns!)

What is BioTect®?

At the heart of all of our ceramic filter candles is a nifty little technology called BioTect®. This integrated anti-bacterial matrix inhibits microbiological growth and effectively prevents the removed bacteria from re-generating on the ceramic.

Superior ceramic filtering properties

The outer shell of the filter cartridge is an extremely versatile ceramic. The heat-resistant and anti-corrosion properties result in a tough yet flexible ceramic composite.

Once connected, your water supply will flow through the Doulton® ceramic water filter candle. The exciting and ground-breaking bit happens when the water flows through the tiny, complex ceramic pore structure. The pores are less than one micron in size and to give you an idea of how small this is, the width of a human hair is approximately 100 microns. This process provides an effective barrier against waterborne, potentially harmful, contaminants whilst retaining essential minerals to make your drink a healthy one. Even the taste and odour of your water will appear naturally superior.

Activated carbon

An activated carbon block or granular carbon removes chlorine and organics by combining the advantages of ceramic and carbon treatments within a single filter element. A further option to remove monochloramine also improves the taste and odour of drinking water.

Heavy metal reduction

Superior filtration technology harnesses an additional ion exchange benefit in order to filter lead and other toxic heavy metals from the water.

Limescale prevention

Higher performance candle grades utilise a slow release scale inhibitor that reduces the unwanted effects of limescale build-up. This improves the taste of drinking water and aids better performance and longevity for water-use appliances.

Great tasting water on tap

Combine the benefits of ceramic filtration and anti-bacterial action, and you have a great way to ensure long-lasting, delicious drinking water.